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Risk of terrorism worldwide = dangers for your export!

The Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) has begun to randomly check the status of "known consignors" due to the current intensification of terrorist threats in aviation, which has also been made public in the media. Result: about 30% (!) of the tested manufacturers lost their status.

The importance for you as a "manufacturer".

The current situation:
Safe air freight means:

legislators expect 100% control of air freight to be shipped or a "safe supply chain" from the sender to the airport. In other words: From you (manufacturer), through the packaging company and forwarding agent to the airline. Clearly defined security rules must be observed so that air freight can be regarded as "SAFE" from the outset and does not have to be additionally checked at the airport. Manufacturers who want to ship their goods as air freight must have the status of a "Known Shipper" so that their goods can pass through airports without further time-consuming and expensive handling controls. Until 28 April 2010, a "Regulated Agent" (in short: RegB - e.g. a freight forwarder) has been granted the status of "Known Consignor" to a consignor of air freight. They will retain this status for the transitional period until 2013. Since 29.04.2010, senders who do not yet have the status of "known consignor" must apply to the LBA (see or their freight is considered "unsafe".