Packen für die Welt



 It's your job:


  • have your company certified in your own sense
  • Ensure that all companies involved (packers, forwarders) have a valid certificate.

    If you - and this applies from now on - fail to ensure these points, you run the risk that your export shipment will become an incalculable risk:


  • Delayed processing of your shipment due to handling backlog
  • Delays in the inspection of your goods. The handler has only a limited number of testing devices (scanners, etc) and qualified personnel.
  • Problems with the observance of delivery dates - delivery dates become a guessing game
  • Permanent inspection costs at the airport
  • Additional costs due to waiting times at the destination (transport, fitters, etc)

Act now:

  • Make sure that your packer has the necessary approval
  • check your transporter for the valid approval issued by the LBA