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JFM Service Export Packaging Company Ltd. - Services

Often savings are made in the area of packaging in order to reduce overall costs. These packagings do not meet the requirements by far. They do not meet the mechanical, climatic and chemical loads during transport, storage and handling.


This is what you can expect when you work with JFM-Service: Professional and competent advice on site. Quotations can be prepared quickly and cheaply according to your requirements. Competent and professional packaging work from our packaging teams. Whether directly on the JFM service halls, or directly at the customer's site. Cost savings through effective and objective advice. Design development and consulting for reusable packaging

Keywords of our services:

  • Packaging for land, air or sea transport
  • order picking
  • container jam
  • storages
  • transports
  • customs clearance
  • expert opinion
  • Spreading and moving of productions and the like