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JFM Service Bildergalerie

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JFM Service Export Packaging Company Ltd. - delivery range

Your transport partner for all cases

JFM-Service is characterised by many years of experience in the handling of individual and repeatedly different project requirements and challenges.
No order is like the other. This makes us very flexible and enables us to meet almost every need of our customers.

The correct selection, construction and quality of the packaging is as important for damage-free transport as the requirements placed on the goods themselves.

Our product range includes among others crate


  • Plywood or solid wood
  • wooden crates
  • wooden sledges
  • stillages
  • timber
  • cartons
  • moulded components
  • packing materials
  • markings


just to mention the most important ones.

It goes without saying that our flexibility and commitment to the customer enables us to break completely new ground and prove to you that we attach great importance to creativity in packaging technology.