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What do we expect from our suppliers?


  • trustworthiness
  • versatility
  • High and consistent quality
  • All about service
  • cost effectiveness


And these very things ...

... which we expect from our suppliers, we naturally offer our customers. This high quality standard, which we set for ourselves, corresponded to the philosophy of JFM-Service from the very beginning. A positive customer response on the market over many years confirms this consequence in its correctness.



It is certainly no mistake to put us to the test now! We look forward to working with you.


The JFM Service Team

LAND.AIR.SEA around the world with export packaging!


You have tasks and problems in the area of individual export packaging and the worldwide transport of goods of all kinds?


JFM Service offers you the chance for creative planning, new ways and unconventional solutions for your individual problems.


Together with our customers we want to be successful in the market through innovation, quality and flexibility.


This is what we demand of our work. Challenge us!


We look forward to your tasks and assure you already today of a conscientious and timely execution.



The team looks forward to a good cooperation with you

the JFM Service - Export Packaging Company Ltd.


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JFM Service - Export Packaging Company Ltd.



JFM Service Export Packaging Company Ltd. - Services

Often savings are made in the area of packaging in order to reduce overall costs. These packagings do not meet the requirements by far. They do not meet the mechanical, climatic and chemical loads during transport, storage and handling.


This is what you can expect when you work with JFM-Service: Professional and competent advice on site. Quotations can be prepared quickly and cheaply according to your requirements. Competent and professional packaging work from our packaging teams. Whether directly on the JFM service halls, or directly at the customer's site. Cost savings through effective and objective advice. Design development and consulting for reusable packaging

Keywords of our services:

  • Packaging for land, air or sea transport
  • order picking
  • container jam
  • storages
  • transports
  • customs clearance
  • expert opinion
  • Spreading and moving of productions and the like


JFM Service Export Packaging Company Ltd. - delivery range

Your transport partner for all cases

JFM-Service is characterised by many years of experience in the handling of individual and repeatedly different project requirements and challenges.
No order is like the other. This makes us very flexible and enables us to meet almost every need of our customers.

The correct selection, construction and quality of the packaging is as important for damage-free transport as the requirements placed on the goods themselves.

Our product range includes among others crate


  • Plywood or solid wood
  • wooden crates
  • wooden sledges
  • stillages
  • timber
  • cartons
  • moulded components
  • packing materials
  • markings


just to mention the most important ones.

It goes without saying that our flexibility and commitment to the customer enables us to break completely new ground and prove to you that we attach great importance to creativity in packaging technology.


JFM Service Export Packaging Company Ltd. - Information

JFM-Service has compiled some important information to help you with your packaging logistics needs.

This information can be downloaded quickly and easily as a PDF file.

All you need is the Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.



Current Acrobat Reader


Marking of packages Download PDF [164 KB]
Key data for containers /types/sizes/load weights(countries) Download PDF [187 KB]
What is IPPC Standard and Why! Download PDF [167 KB]
Conservation Download PDF [164 KB]


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